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In 2007, a shipment of mangoes coming from Haiti and examined abroad had notable quality deficiencies. Many of them contained worms. As a result, the entire shipment of mangoes was rejected by the foreign authorities. Unable to determine which area of Haiti’s land Haiti was the source of the infected mangoes, unable to find a traceability system that would give them authorities had to block all entry of mangoes from Haiti for some time. It is in response to this problem that Solutions has developed AgroTracking.

AgroTracking is a traceability system using information and communication technologies. It reduces the time spent removing agricultural products deemed dangerous from the market. This limits the damage that these products can cause to the health of consumers. It facilitates market access by countries and companies and creates competitiveness between companies in both domestic and international markets

It provides the ability to track a product through all stages of production, processing, distribution, transportation, and retailing. It allows to determine the geographical position of a product at a given time and to identify the area or the stage concerned by the problem or the contamination and to decide with more or less certainty in which place to take measures (quarantine, placement of traps, or other phytosanitary interventions…). 

Some key features

  • Registration of farmers
  • Geolocation of plots
  • Registration of cells
  • Registration of post-harvest centers (Bases)
  • Put in place mechanisms for the traceability of agricultural products

Agrotracking has impacted the lives of over half a million farmers and their families. Before the Agrotracking system, farmers were in deficit because a large amount of their harvest was spoiled. After one year of implementation of the system, Haitian farmers revenue increased by 30%.